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Multilizer 2009 Newly Released!

Multilizer Localization Tools

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Download free Multilizer evaluation version
Download Multilizer 2009

Multilizer 2009 released The new version presents state-of-the-art localization tools. Download free evaluation copy or read about the new features and improvements.

Open new markets Multilizer makes it easy to create multilingual versions of your software and web content. Studies show that users prefer using software in their native language and therefore localization creates a competitive edge. Besides, localization is easier than you thought!

Reduce translation cost Multilizer provides efficient tools for reducing translation cost by utilizing industry standard translation memories and terminology repositories. Never pay for the same translation twice! Multilizer even supports Machine translation.

Improve translation quality Multilizer's WYSIWYG translation tools and automatic quality checks minimize translation errors and shorten the release cycle.

Simple outsourcing Multilizer's sophisticated outsourcing tools allows you to let the local experts do translation while still giving you control over the process. Furthermore, your translators enjoy the same advanced translation environment as you by using the free Multilizer Translator edition.

Download free evaluation copy and try it yourself. The quick tutorial shows the three easy steps that are needed to localize your software in just a few minutes.


News & Events

November 4, 2009
News - New Multilizer help site launched

September 15, 2009
News - Multilizer supports localization of CHM files

August 28, 2009
News - Multilizer supports Delphi 2010 and C++Builder 2010

August 24, 2009
News - Multilizer supports localization of PDF files

July 9, 2009
News - Microsoft Translator Importer released

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Multilizer 2009 is compatible with Delphi 2010, C++Builder 2010, and RAD studio 2010

 September 29, 2009 -- Release notes - Multilizer 2009 version 7.2.4
Version 7.2.4 introduces new usability enhancements such as improved quick filter, added configuration possibilities for localizing source files with Delphi and C++Builder source scanner, and logs in XML format.


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