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Partnering with Multilizer

The need for localized software - both internal and external - is growing. By becoming a Multilizer Partner you can help fulfil this need. With Multilizer products and the support services we provide for our partners, it is possible to generate beneficial business for all three parties, customer, Multilizer partner and Multilizer.

Solid Customer Base

Since 1996 MULTILIZER® technology has been taken in use by thousands of companies in 60 countries. MULTILIZER® users include companies such as eHelp, Sony, Xerox, Intel, Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, Compaq, etc. You'll find more info about Multilizer customers and customer cases from here.

The Most Advanced Technology In The Market

MULTILIZER® is the leading localization technology in the market. It is the only multiplatform localization solution, and for several software development environments it is the only localization technology available.

Over the years Multilizer has introduced various pioneering innovations, such as Multi-user Translation Memory, database localization and Pseudo translation to all character sets, to the markets.

Your benefits as a Partner

As a Partner, you can sell MULTILIZER licenses to end customers. Additional to that you may also held trainings and give technical support for the end customer.

Further more You can offer additional consulting on internationalization and localization, and thus integrate your services even better into your customers' processes. You will receive all the support, like training, marketing material and sales support, needed for successful Multilizer business from us.

Different Partner Groups

Multilizer Partners are divided into the following groups. Click your group for more information on our partner program and for partnership application.

Value Adding Resellers, VARs
Localization and internationalization consultants.
Localization and translation service providers.

Companies which distribute software development tools.

Technology Partners
Companies which develop software tools and environments into which Multilizer can be integrated.

Partnering with Multilizer
Value Added Resellers (VAR's)
Technology Partners
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