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Multilizer Lite

Multilizer Lite products offer an easy way to localize software and content. Multilizer takes care of the support for different file formats, and allows the user to focus on translation work.

Outstanding ease of use at an affordable price make Multilizer Lite the most suitable choice for smaller software and document localization projects.

Localization 1-2-3

Multilizer is extremely simple to use; complete just 3 simple steps to make your software/content localized or multilingual.

  1. Create a Localization Project and specify the file(s) to localize.
  2. Translate the strings of the project to selected language(s).
  3. Build localized files.

Outstanding ease-of-use

Multilizer Lite products are full of features that make the localization as easy as can be;

  • Localization 1-2-3 toolbar for beginners.
  • Easy-to-use Translation Window for easy editing of short and long translations.
  • In-place editor in translation grid for quick additions.
  • Powerful -- yet simple -- text filter to quickly view just a part of translations.
  • & a lot more...

Both for Software and Documents

There are two versions of Multilizer Lite, one for localizing software and another for localizing documents:

Multilizer Lite
for Developers

Localizes standard Windows binaries (.exe, .ocx, .dll, ...), VCL binaries (executables compiled with Delphi or C++Builder), Visual Studio .NET solutions and projects, and .resx files.

This product includes Multilizer Localization Components for VCL, which gives Delphi/C++Builder developers extra localization features that can't be achieved with plain binary localization [read more...]

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Multilizer 2009 is compatible with Delphi 2010, C++Builder 2010, and RAD studio 2010

Multilizer Lite
for Documents

Localizes typical text documents, such as HTML (.html, .htm, .php, .asp, etc.) including embedded scripts (JScript for example), XML (.xml, .svg, and all others), and any other text files by using regular expressions.

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Buy this product now for 299 EUR!

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