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Extending Multilizer

Functionality of Multilizer Enterprise can be extended infinitely; there are plugins for

  • additional localization format support (scanner plugins)
  • support for importing translations from 3rd-party formats (importer plugins)
  • support for 3rd-party Translation Memories (TM plugins)

Support for file formats can be extended in Multilizer Enterprise and Multilizer Pro also by using Multilizer® Localization templates™.

Scanner plugins

Scanner plugins add support for localizing additional file formats. There are plugins for example to following formats:

  • Database scanner; support for localizing SQL Server, MySQL, Interbase, MSAccess, and other databases.
  • .NET assembly scanner; support for localizing .NET assemblies (AKA .NET binary localization)
  • RC scanner; support for localization of RC-files.
  • VB scanner; support for localization of Visual Basic binaries. In addition to standard binary localization also stringid offset based localization (Microsoft suggested way) supported.
  • Dita scanner; support for localizing Dita (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) files.
  • Palm scanner; support for localization of Palm executables. Overlay files also supported.
  • PowerPoint scanner; localization of PowerPoint (.ppt) files.
  • Excel scanner; localization of Excel files.
  • LOC scanner; localization of Symbian LOC files
  • etc.

Contact for evaluation and pricing info.

Importer plugins

Importer plugins add functionality to two places in Multilizer; it provides translations in Language Expert by offering additional file format support. It also adds more supported formats in Import Wizard. Both make it simple to bring translations from 3rd-party formats to Multilizer projects.

  • Text Importer; adds support for importing translations from plain text files.
  • MicroSoft Glossary importer; adds support for importing translations from Micorsoft glossaries.
  • Xliff importer; adds support for importing translations from Xliff ( XML Localisation Interchange File Format ) files.
  • TBX Importer; adds support for importing translations from TBX (TermBase eXchange format) files.
  • Excel importer; people keep translation data in Excel, this importer makes it extremely easy to use them.
  • BTR importer; Borland Translation Repository importer helps to migrate translations from BTW to Multilizer.
  • MT importer; this importer fetches machine translations (MT) from Multilizer website.
  • Trados importer; this importer looks up for translations directly from TRADOS Translation Memories. See also TM plugins.

Contact for evaluation and pricing info.

TM plugins

Translation Memory plugins add support for Translation Memories in Multilizer. Translation Memories are databases along with translation matching logic. Translation Memories are used to store and re-use translations.

  • Tmx TM; this plugin creates a TMX file which is used as Translation Memory; it stores new translations in a TMX file and searches for existing translations there.
  • Trados TM; this plugin adds support for integrating Trados Translation Memorin in Multilizer.

Contact for evaluation and pricing info.

Localization Templates™

Multilizer® Localization templates™ is a user-friendly way of extending Multilizer support for file formats.

While Multilizer scanners (and scanner plugins) just give a support for file formats, a localization template contains the rules on how to use the scanner.

Localization templates are used by choosing File->New from template...

There are localization templates for following formats:

  • INI files localization
  • Key files localization
  • Properties files; another way of localizing .properties files
  • Static website
  • Dynamic website
  • SVG (scalable vector graphic) files
  • etc.

Contact for more info.

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