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What's New In MULTILIZER 2009?

Multilizer 2009 is the new major release of the award-winning localizatison technology. There are tens of new generic features that simplify localization and improve productivity on any platform and project.

To keep this list short, platform specific (DotNet, Delphi, XML, database) features are left out from this list. To know more about these, please contact

Check out:


  • 2 new Wizards
    • Pseudolanguage Wizard
    • Batch Copy Wizard
  • Advanced menu (in Multilizer Enterprise)
    • Batch Copy Wizard
    • Tidy project
    • Batch operations
  • 5 new localization templates tom simplify the creation of new localization projects (E.g., Delphi 2009, Flash localization, SVG.)
  • OpenOffice spelling checker
  • Tip of the day dialog
  • Custom languages
    • Add languages that are missing in the language list
    • Add/modify custom languages
  • Localized versions of Multilizer
    • Japanese
    • Hungarian
  • Help & Documentation
    • Localization tutorial added in the help
    • Tutorial
    • Remote support (Remoteus)
  • Project format enhancements
    • Integrity check to check & fix possible issues in Multilizer project
    • Multilizer keeps log when project is opened/saved
    • Add description when saving project
    • See translation progress and history
    • Export translation progress information to Excel
  • Translation progress shown in project tree enables instant viewing of the progress in any part of the project. (More: Statistics Expert)


The usability has been enhanced all over Multilizer. Besides adding bettter visualization capabilities of software resources, all parts of Multilizer have been enhanced in means of usability.

  • Visual localization of software
    • Visual editors for common software localization formats (DotNet forms, Delphi, C++Builder forms, etc.)
    • Built-in quality checks in visual editors
  • Translation grid powered with usability enhancements
    • Visualize whispace characters
    • Keep rows in natural order (Natural order is the order in which scanner scans the source file) or translated (ascending/descending)
    • Show multiple target languages in the grid
    • Bookmarks
  • Project tree
    • Drill down to any detail level in project (e.g., executable->resourcetype->resourcename->controlid->property.)
    • Show translation progress in project tree in any detail level.
    • All Strings node added
  • Exclude of strings to localize
    • Global excludes (add the same exclude rule to all targets in the project)
    • Exclude validations
    • Save and Load exclude settings
    • Import exclude settings from Multilizer 6.x and Multilizer 2007
    • Improved management of excludes
      • Sort & filter exclude rules
      • Toggle exclude rules between global and target-specific


  • Assisted Translation Expert (former Language Expert)
    • Control duplicated translations in batch-translate mode
    • Import row comments, if returned by translation sources
    • Import row comments, if returned by translation sources
    • Prioritize translations by match-% or by translation source.
    • Automated translation based on any language column (opposed to earlier versions based on native column only)
  • Quality Expert
    • Number of validations increased from 20 to 40
    • Generate time estimate reports for fixing issues
    • Validation settings templates added. These templates contain pre-defined validation settings for different kinds of localization projects.
    • Symbol validation to check that source and translation have the same user-defined symbol
    • Symbol definition templates added. These templates define sets of symbols to check in symbol validation
    • Filter the grid contents to contain only rows with validation issues
    • Chinese and Japanese languages taken in account (e.g., in punctuation and Japanese month names)
  • Statistics Expert
    • Translated/untranslated word count added
    • Translation progress percentage added


  • Pseudo Language
    • Pseudo Language Expert replaced by Pseudolanguage Wizard
    • Added user-defined prefix/suffix in pseudotranslation
    • Added user-defined maximum length for pseudotranslation
    • New codepage simulations: Arabic, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Fullwidth ASCII, Enclosed alpha
    • User-configured language simulation with pre-defined rules for: Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Spanish language simulation.
  • Export/Import/Exchange Wizards
    • Save/Load Export/Import/&Exchange settings
    • Prompt overwrite option added in Import Wizard
  • Batch Copy Wizard

Compatibility & Interfaces

Localization formats

Multilizer scanner plugins add support for the latest formats:

  • DotNet 3; WPF (Xaml, ResX supported)
  • Delphi/C++Builder 2010 binaries. New!
  • Delphi/C++Builder 2009 binaries.
  • Delphi/C++Builder projects; scanning of the source code.
  • Support for ReportBuilder files (.rtm)
  • Support for Delphi/C++Builder form files (.dfm)
  • RoboHelp 6, 7, and 8.

Translation Memories

  • Configure more than one Translation Memories
  • New plug-ins
    • Trados 5.0 TM plug-in available
    • Trados 6.5 TM plug-in available
  • Multilizer tells how many translations were saved to Translation Memory.

New translation sources

Multilizer Importer plugins add support for importing translations to Multilizer localization projects. Supported import formats sorted alphabetically:

  • Microsoft Terminology
  • Align (Get translations from localized software/content)
  • M7P, to add current Multilizer projects as translation reference
  • Edict (Mainly Japanese-English)

New Machine translators

  • Google (Machine Translator)
  • Atlas (Machine Translator)
PowerTranslator (Machine Translator)
MULTILIZER Professional

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